"Every woman deserves to be welcomed in to mothering thru GENTLE+LOVING+CARE." ~Sacred Pregnancy 

Postpartum care includes:

  • Preparation of healing soups and revitalizing juices to feed and nourish your soul
  • Placenta preparation (smoothies, encapsulation, tinctures and prints)
  • Warming herbal baths to promote healing
  • Belly binding to restore your womb to pre-pregnancy condition
  • Tinctures and salves to heal


Sacred Pregnancy Mother Roasting 

I am so blessed to have found a beautiful sisterhood of women who are providing women who have transitioned into motherhood with not only exceptional physical care, but beautiful nurturing care for the "whole" spiritual woman. In Spring of 2013, I will be attending the Sacred Pregnancy Mother Roasting retreat and learn the beauty of these ancient nurturing practices.

"MOTHER ROASTING is the care of the new mother AFTER+BIRTH. We focus on the recovery and health of women as they embark on their journey into motherhood, the final stage of birth. Sacred Postpartum is the tender wrapping up of the healing soul. It is about restoring traditions, feeding the soul, warming the body and binding mothers thru the gentle guiding arms of their sisters."

To learn more about the Sacred Pregnancy movement, visit their website here: Sacred Pregnancy